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Recommended Documentary : Fat: A Documentary 2 Review: A Trim Documentary About Fat and Nutrition

Release date: January 1, 2021 Running time: 80 minutes Director: Vinnie Tortorich Stars: Vinnie Tortorich, Robert Atkins, Ancel Keys

FAT: A Documentary 2 is the sequel to the international sensation that delves deeper into the lies and myths surrounding the age old question: "What should I be eating?"

I have always been interested in nutrition and diet so was excited to check out Fat 2. I missed the first film but this one continues the subject matter of that by again delving into the question of what we should be eating and are we getting the best information about health? And Fat 2 is packed with information and introduces doubt into some of the more conventional diets we have been introduced to. It looks into how the general understanding of diets evolved to where it is now, and what might have influenced that. And the film definitely has an agenda, but that is not a surprise. The film is pretty transparent in its goal of shaking up the conventional dieting formula and questioning the foods we have been taught to eat. And this film does have important information that one could use to start to change their life. There is so much noise in the diet and health world that having a long discussion about some of that information is definitely a good thing.

But one issue I had with the film is that it seems to strike down a lot of conventional wisdom but doesn't come up with its own citations in doing so. The film will often speak in opinions from its experts, but without citing much additional information. That is not to say that the documentary is devoid of facts and studies. There are several studies that are cited in this film. But it also often felt like the experts would cut down some conventional thinking without citing a study of their own. More of a "well they knew that it was wrong and they advocated it anyways." I also wish that the film had a more definite conclusion. It seems to end with a general idea of what one can do to try and stay healthy, without any concrete steps. I wanted to see more of a plan, but the film mostly just left the viewer in a grey area. But maybe that is part of the overall point of the film. It seems like the Fat documentary series is all about challenging conventional wisdom and letting people learn more about what constitutes a healthy diet. So the documentary seems more of a jumping off point rather than a be all end all.

Fat: A Documentary 2 provides new insights into what we eat and continues the original documentary's goal of challenging the conventional dietary wisdom.

Rent it.



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