Frequently Asked Questions


Ad Hoc Purchase

  • You can browse and select the product you wish to purchase and make the online payment at checkout. We will make sure the order arrives at your home once payment has been made.
Register with us and then purchase
  • You can also register on our website via FB or personal email account and choose your products. Once you’ve registered, you don’t need to add in your delivery address for future purchases. Plus, you can also view and track all of your past purchases too.

Delivery To Your Door Step
  • Most of our orders are delivered on the same day if the orders are made before 2pm. If the orders are placed after 2pm, we will schedule a next day delivery. We will advise the actual delivery time slot and pick-up time once we have prepared your order via email or phone.
Pickup At Our Shop
  • You can pickup your items at our Meat Shop in Batu Caves. We are open pickup from 9am to 5pm on weekdays and on Saturdays, our last pickup time is at 12pm. We are closed on Sundays.

Delivery coverage
  • We are currently covering Klang Valley, Kuala Lumpur, and Selangor. Putrajaya.

I’m having trouble ordering online.
  • Please do contact our hotline number at +6019 - 329 3341 or +603 - 6178 4877 for offline or alternative ways to purchase.

What is the minimum order for free delivery fees?
  • We offer free delivery within Klang Valley for every purchase value of RM150 and above. (limited time offer)

What is the minimum order for delivery and the delivery fees?
  • Minimum order is RM70
  • The exact delivery charges will be shown in the checkout section before you make the payment, depending on your location and our delivery coverage

What should I do if some of the items are missing from my order when it arrives?
  • Please contact our hotline number +6019 - 329 3341 or +603 - 6178 4877 for assistance

What happens if my meat is damaged once it arrives?
  • Please take a photo of the item and contact us at +6019 - 329 3341 or +603 - 6178 4877 immediately. We will assist you.

I realise I will NOT be at home to take the delivery. What can I do?
  • Our courier can drop it off at the Guardhouse.
  • Alternatively, do contact us as soon as possible thru our Hotline contact number at +6019 - 329 3341 or +603 - 6178 4877 and provide us with the order number. We will arrange a new delivery timing for you. Do note that the customer will bear the cost for the new delivery arrangement.

Can I change the delivery address after I make the order?
  • Yes, you can. Do call our hotline number +6019 - 329 3341 or +603 - 6178 4877 immediately to make any changes.

Can I ask for a product return and refund after the product arrived at my place?
  • Due to product safety and hygiene, we strictly don’t do any returns or refunds after purchases are made and delivered to the customers.


Is my Credit/Debit card information safe?

  • We treat our customer's information privacy and security a highest priority in our business workflow. That's why we have partnered with STRIPE as our exclusive online payment gateway partner. STRIPE has an outstanding reputation in online payment gateway globally.

What is the payment method accepted?
  • All major credit cards and debit cards
  • You can also make a direct transfer to our company account via Toyyibpay link provided at the check-out section.
  • Alternatively, you can also make a direct transfer to our company account from your banking own online transfer platform to Kingdom Media Holdings Berhad (CIMB A/C: 8604143763)

When will you charge my credit card?
  • Your card will only be charged when the payment has been approved at the checkout section.

Does your product prices change from time to time?
  • Yes. We do monitor the market prices of the source and currency fluctuation.


Where does your source product come from ?

  • All Australia Premium Beef and Lamb comes from our Farm Abattoir Central Agri Group of Australia.
  • Local meats and chicken come from our certified Halal sources within Malaysia.
  • Flavorista Products is sourced directly from our parent company Flavorista (M) Sdn Bhd

Are all your meat products Halal?
  • Yes. All of our meat related products are 100% Halal. Please visit our Halal Certification page for all of our Halal Certification.


Super Cold, Super Fast

  • The home freezer normally operates at about 0°. But in the blast freezer, temperatures drop to -40°. Fans distribute this extremely cold air over the product, causing the food to freeze in only minutes. Because the freezing happens so quickly, all of the microbes in the protein are inactivated, preserving it in a state of superior freshness. While we often think of meat that is unfrozen as “fresh,” it is quite the opposite. It’s in the process of breaking itself down and deteriorating in quality in both flavour and texture.
Sealing the Good Stuff In
  • We air-tight vacuum seal all of our products. In vacuum sealing, oxygenated air - and any residual moisture and microbes are removed from inside the packaging, ensuring there’s absolutely nothing but the protein inside. and nothing but protein comes out of the package when you’re ready to eat it. And even better, our vacuum sealing ensures that the protein can stay in your freezer for up to a year without deteriorating in quality.
Why does the meat seem to be dark in color?
  • The red meat will appear darker in color as a result from the Airtight vacuum seal process by taking away the oxygenated air and any residue moisture leaves only the meat in a cryo-vacuum state. However, the meat will quickly turn into its natural bright red soon after the meat is properly thawed.
How do I thaw the meat properly?
  • The best way is to set aside the beef from the freezer into the fridge compartment for 12 to 24 hours. Or put the meat in a shallow bowl with slow-running tap water. Never under any circumstances microwave the meat.
How long will my meat last in the fridge once I’ve opened a pack?
  • We recommend any open meat to be stored in the fridge section for not more than 24hour for the next day's cooking. If not, do store back into the freezer.
What is the best way to store the frozen meat when it arrives at my home?
  • Recommended to store it straight into the freezer. Our packaging is in individual small pieces. So you can take the portion you need to be stored in the fridge or thaw it right away if you want to cook immediately.


Do you have a retail shop?

  • Yes, we do. A must-have for a meat shop. Currently, Our retail shop is at Mukim Batu Caves. We are in development to have two more retail shops in Maluri and Putra Heights in the 3rd quarter of 2021. Please do check our updates and locations on the About Us page.

I'm an existing retailer, and I want to find a supplier.
  • You can contact us directly by email for further discussions at

Can I make a purchase on your website during Public Holidays?
  • Our website is open 24/7 but do note that same day deliveries are unavailable during Public Holidays. But we are in planning to extend our service soon.